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What we'll cover this week

  • Longer drives = lower HCP - what a surprise

  • Involuntary comedic genius - thanks for being so stupid

  • Chip, Chip, Hooray - chipping like a king

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This Week I Learned

Standing halfway between your ball and the hole improves your green reading between 15 - 30% [source]

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

11 = 163 minutes saved

Drive Long & Play Leftie

Think a few extra yards off the tee won't make a difference to your golf game? Think again. We've all whipped out the 'if only my drives were longer' excuse at the 19th hole, but what if it’s not just bar talk?

Check out the latest video, in which Matty from Golf Sidekick provides the best side-by-side comparison.

Video length: 18:36 (you can watch it on double-speed)

As a right-handed scratch player who’s now learning to swing lefty (and rocking a 24 HCP), he’s not just flipping his clubs; he’s flipping the script on what really slices strokes off your game.

Quick Hits:

  • Righty Drives: Matty’s crushing his drives 100-150 yards further than his lefty lashes.

  • Lefty for the Rest: After the drive, it’s all southpaw, all the time.

  • Scoreboard: Playing mix-and-match hands, Matty cuts a whopping 6.5 strokes off his game on 9 holes compared to his full lefty rounds.

While the results aren’t surprising the approach to compare two skill levels is something unique and hard to replicate. It’s also pretty entertaining!

Not sure how to add length to your drives? Last week, we covered a few tips from Martin Borgmeier that might help you.

Video length: 18:36 (watch it on double-speed)

Questionable intelligence

How did he think this would end? Though, I have to admit the end was comedic perfection 🤡

Deals for the feels

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Crisp Chips for Green Domination

Party's over, folks! Driver April has left the building. It’s time to hone the real score-slashers: chipping and pitching.

You know that awesome feeling when you chip onto the green and just know you’ve nailed it? That’s what we’re diving into this month. Get ready to own every hole with some smooth wedge moves.

We’re learning from the best—Danny Maude is the YouTube guru that all the cool pros recommend.

Video length: 14:34


  • Keep it Smooth: Like sliding into DMs, your swing should be easy and effortless.

  • Chip = Putt’s evil twin: It's basically the same move, just hitting the ball at a different spot of the arc.

  • Hit the Sweet Spot: Aim to brush the ground just past the ball for that perfect pop.

  • Stay together for the lift: Imagine the ball hanging out on your clubface for a millisecond before it flies off.

  • Balance like a Boss: Adjust your stance to counter the slope—never lean back if you want to keep control.

  • Aim Smart: Focus on where the ball should land first, not where it ends up. Plan for some roll!

  • Relax Your Grip: Keep your grip chilled for a smoother swing—like a fish’s tail swaying in the water.

Danny Maude's videos have leveled up my chipping game—it's the standout star of my golf skills now (let's not mention the rest of my game ok?). If you want to boost your short game, this video isn't just recommended; it's essential viewing!

Quick bites for the road

🧻 Content Creator vs. Online Troll - loud mouth online troll meets the creator he’s been heckling for months and they play a round to see who’s boss.

Is J.J. Watt the worst celeb golfer ever? - according to a very recent major champ JJ sucks hard at golf (don’t say it to his face though).

✅ How to choose your putter - blade, mallet, hockey stick? The choice is yours, but Peter Finch helps you get an idea.

Tiger Woods approves

Because we’re in a good mood. Another one to make you laugh.

To break the legend’s tunnel vision is quite a feat, but this dude did it!


What is the average (official) handicap of golfers in the U.S.?

👇 Answer see below 👇

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Quiz answer

The average handicap for male golfers is 14.0 and for female golfers it’s 28.0 according to the USGA.

However, I would say this number is skewed towards lower handicaps since the USGA tracked 3.2 million golfers in 2023 while there were around 25.6 million active golfers.

Therefore it’s fair to assume that the majority of players with a higher handicap aren’t tracked by the USGA and the actual average handicap will be higher than the official average handicap.

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