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What’s up, lovely young golfers! You’re looking fresh today 🔥

What we'll cover this week

  • Wholesome Vibes in Texas Golf - Southern Charme & rivalries

  • Thanks for playing slow.” - not wholesome

  • Tee Off in Kentucky - a memorable golf getaway

  • Power-Hitting Secrets - Drive Like a Pro

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This Week, I Learned the Hard Way

Beware Leather Stitching Inside the Heel!

I went to the course wearing new Adidas shoes, because I like spending money on golf equipment. No other reason.

Just an hour in, I felt it. F’in blisters! I soldiered on with blister bandaids, and not learning my lesson. The very next time on the course, the situation escalated to bloody f’in blisters. Lesson learned? Let’s say the content of my trash is a bit more expensive than usual.

1/10. Would not recommend.

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

13 = 253 minutes saved

Ryder Cup, Texas Style

Ever had that feeling when you're watching a video and the big reveal you've been waiting for is just seconds away? But secretly, you don't want it to end? Well, buckle up, buttercup - this is one of those videos.

Content in a nutshell:

  • We're tagging along with two rival country clubs deep in the heart of Texas, where they battle it out in their annual showdown known as the 'Red River Cup.'

  • Think of it as the Super Bowl of golf grudge matches - complete with personal vendettas, gambling, next-gen prodigies, and a finish so close it'll make your grandma clutch her pearls. Last Putt Magic.

  • Halfway through, I caught myself cheering for a team I'd never heard of until today. I guess that's the magic of a good rivalry.

  • This isn't just a video; it's a documentary that could give any Netflix series a run for its money.

  • As one local put it, "You gotta understand, this is Redneck country"—and it's absolutely fantastic!

  • Final thoughts: This storytelling? Nothing short of brilliant!

Video length: 19:59

Thanks for playing slow

I wish the players behind me were as understanding when the search for my ball again reaches the 10-minute mark.

Deals for the feels

Pack your clubs and set your sights on Lexington, Kentucky! 🌟

Swing Into a Kentucky Getaway!

Ready to explore the rolling greens of Lexington, Kentucky? Just a hop from Louisville, this golf haven offers an irresistible two-night escape starting at just $344 in the off-season. Plus, snag some last-minute steals! Like the one I found for early May: two players, one room, two nights, and three rounds—all for just $540.

There are not just one, not two, but nine! courses that you can choose from - whatever floats your boat.

Out of the 9, these 5 have the highest rating on Google.

  • Widows Watch

  • University of Kentucky Club

  • Gibson Bay

  • Kearney Hill

  • Houston Oaks

Gibson Bay

Kearney Hill

Widows Watch

Video from Gibson Bay

Golfing Weather Alert! With temps floating between a comfy 60 - 85°F, it's the prime season to hit those fairways.

So, why wait? Your ultimate golf retreat to Kentucky is just a booking away! 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️

* Please note: none of these are affiliate links. These are genuinely great finds that we recommend without compensation.

Power Up Your Drive This Week!

It's Crunch Time for Driver Month! As we near the end of Driver Month, it's time to step up and swing for the fences like World Long Drive Champion Martin Borgmeier.

Master the Art of Power Driving:

  • Swift Takeaway: Initiate your back-swing with your body, not your arms.

  • Load Up: Start powering up right from the takeaway and swing back with conviction.

  • Mental Trigger: Set a mental cue to tell your body when it's time to unleash your power.

Dive deeper with more of Martin's pro tips in the video, which are perfect for supercharging your drive.

Remember: What you practice on the range isn’t always for the course. When you're playing a round, dial it back to 80-90% effort for smoother yet powerful hits. This technique primes your body to maximize distance effortlessly.

Video length: 15:14 (you’ll only need about 3 minutes of these, linked to where it gets interesting without much further ado)

Quick bites for the road

🧻 All shitty ball strikers start like that - Phil Mickelson being an ass and explaining how to handle your irons.

🌊 What happens to your golf balls after landing in the water - cool documentary about … well … lake balls. Where’s my scuba gear?!

☀️ Inside Arizona State’s $10,000,000 Golf Facility - I wasn’t sure what to expect but it wasn’t this.


Who has earned the most money from the PGA this year?

a) Scottie Scheffler’s Caddy

b) Jordan Spieth

c) Rory McIlroy

👇 Answer see below 👇

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Quiz answer

It’s B, Jordan Spieth. 

You might have heard some derision about caddies out-earning some players, and while there's some truth to the big bucks caddies can pull in, top players still lead the pack. Here’s a quick breakdown to put those whispers—and any boomer ridicule—into perspective:

Here’s how much each of the options made (until now):

  • Scottie’s caddie (aka. Ted Scott) $1.8 million

  • Jordan Spieth $2.1 million (#33 in earnings this season)

  • Rory McIlroy $1.7 million (#45 in earnings this season)

Rankings money list (caddies not included 🤷‍♂️ )

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