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Triple-Mulligan Mode 🏌️‍♂️🌲

Plus: Mellow golf advice that works

What’s up, no time to waste. Got a tee time in 15 minutes.

What we'll cover this week

  • Head down - one tip for everyone

  • I need more balls - greedy trees out there ball-hunting

  • Bump it - run it

Estimated read time: 5 minutes

This Week I Learned

Michael Jordan has his own golf course. [source]

Why is MJ living my dream life and not sending me an invite?

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

18 = 241 minutes saved

1 Tip to Rule Them All?

Ever feel like most golf swing tips online are for those rare moments “when it rains, the wind blows 55.21mph from the left, and you're standing on a toad" - and only then will these tips actually work?

This tip is for EVERY Golfer in EVERY situation:

Video length: 10:00 (you can watch it at 1.5x speed)

I've been grappling with the frustrating issue that Jimmy from Tropicana Golf (a seriously underrated channel) sums up nicely: “I was either hooking or slicing it for three weeks straight, and I couldn’t figure it out.”

Sound familiar? Well, the fix turned out to be astonishingly simple.


The epiphany: every time I hit a hook or slice, it’s because I’m too eager to see the ball sail away. I’m standing up at the point of contact.

For the longest time, my only swing thought was, “See the ghost,” but it seems like I strayed from that essential thought. I need to keep my head down again. Simple as that.

The lesson from the video is straightforward, but I still highly recommend watching it.

Tropicana Golf is one of those rare channels that doesn’t hype up every shot. They even have some uncut videos where you can watch Jimmy play through a few holes — it’s as calming as it gets.

Famous Triple-Mulligan

“I didn’t come here to play like a bitch”. Famous last words.

Is it too late to get a mulligan on the first one? Second? Third?

Deals for the feels

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Bump & Run

This May, we’re honing our wedge skills, and today, we’re tackling a shot that always gets my pulse racing: the bump & run. It’s the one shot around the green I struggle with, but I'm determined to master it.

Video length: 8:21


  • U-Shaped Swing Arc: Aim for a U-shaped path, gently brushing the grass to ensure the club glides through without digging in.

  • Use a 54-56° Wedge Instead of 60°: A slightly less lofted wedge helps with this shot.

  • Sternum Ahead of the Ball at Setup: Ensures stability and control.

  • Minimal Wrist Hinge: Keeps the swing smooth and controlled.

The goal is for your club to slightly brush the grass throughout the swing, creating a more parallel path to the ground, like a U. A steep, V-shaped swing will just gouge the turf and stop the ball short.

The video has plenty more insights, but the bump & run tips have been a game-changer for me. Here’s to remembering these pointers during my next practice!

If you have another 30 seconds, watch this Short for a musical summary of the bump % run.

Quick bites for the road

🪵 Rise of the 7-Wood - Are you missing out on an important club in your bag?

💲 Priciest golf bag & clubs - Ever had a few 100K laying around? It’s time to buy the priciest golf equipment you can find

❌ Mistakes when buying a putter - the only issue if you a fitting putter is that you can’t blame the putter for missed shots

The total dose of golf misfortunes

Because we’re in a good mood (again?): another one to make you laugh.

My favorite: “I don’t know where it went but wheeeeeew!”


How many golf courses has Jack Nicklaus (and his company) designed?

👇 Answer see below 👇

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That's it for this week. Keep on training and be a real athlete in an utterly unathletic sport.

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Quiz answer

Jack Nicklaus and his company, Nicklaus Design, have designed over 410 golf courses in 45 countries worldwide. This represents over 1% of all golf courses globally. [source]

Sincerely, your Magic Rabbit.

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