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  • Undercover Major Champ Hustles Scratch Golfers 🥸🏆

Undercover Major Champ Hustles Scratch Golfers 🥸🏆

What we'll cover this week

  • Undercover PGA Major Champion hustles young Scratch Golfers

  • Disturbing the peace of a fancy country club

  • Getting your driver warmed up

What I’ve learned this week

New gloves make one hell of a difference. Just switched to VICE gloves and they're as sticky as pine tar. I was surprised at how my clubs needed less force during the swing to remain in place.

My one-season-old Callaway glove was never THAT sticky and pretty worn out now. VICE gloves from here on out (I got the VICE Pure Color & Pure White).

Must-Watch Content

“Hustling Scratch Golfers with Undercover Major Champ” is purely and totally hilarious!

The team around the Random Golf Club channel joined forces with an undercover PGA Major champion to hustle two unsuspecting scratch golfers and hilarity ensued.

Why you should watch it

  • Rich Beem (the champ) plays his “old grumpy washed-out golfer” persona to perfection

  • the two young scratch golfers put up great shots but are clueless until the end

  • some one-putts are out of this world!

  • you haven’t laughed like that in a while

  • spoiler: the game is MUCH closer than I would’ve thought.

  • did you know that Rich Beem beat Tiger Woods to earn his Major?

Usually, I’m not a big fan of these “secret” guest joins channel type of videos but this video delivered everything you’d expect from that type of format.

Watch the video now and enjoy a fun but very mellow and relaxing show.

Rowdy “old” man mixes up the country club

Speaking of fun. “I like big putts and I cannot lie” has been stuck in my head ever since seeing this video.


Deals for the feels

What to train this week

Putting March is over so let’s have some fun and get our Driver warmed up for tournament season.

If you haven’t hit your driver at all during the winter you might find yourself forgetting some of the fundamentals. So let’s get back to them and see you hit at least 250 yds. Here are your Driver Setup Basics

  1. Find a level lie - if you’re not level then you’ll by definition hit a bit more left or right depending on the lie

  2. Pick a side of the tee box - do you hit your drives left to right? Pick the right side of the tee or vice versa.

  3. Tee up at the right height - half of your ball should be above the crown of your driver

  4. Bend your back side - hit your drives with a small tilt in your back hip

  5. Check ball position - is your ball close to your front foot’s heel? What’s your personal best position? Mine is in line with my left eye (as a righty).

  6. Hit bombs - drivers are for length so give it all you got

More from GolfDigest incl. gifs here. (if you can’t see the entire page without subscription, open it in an incognito window)

Quick bites for the road

⛱️ Bryson DeChambeau fixes Rick Shielsbunker shots with one simple drill. Draw a line in the (practice bunker) sand to get a visual indication if your divots are after or before the ball. You can copy this drill.

👓 Joel Damon on his work with a sports psychologyst and why he’s not working with the one recommended during Full Swing Season 2. I’m curious to see how this will reflect on Joel’s results.

🌺 How Hawaiian golf courses adapt after the wildfires is wonderfully mellow documentary which gives food for thought about sustainability in Golf.

Open Clubhouse

A look behind some of the coolest golf clubs in this world aside from the usual suspects such as Augusta.

Last week we went to the South of Europe in Portugal this week let’s move to the (alleged) birthplace of Golf: England.

The Sunningdale (Old) Golf Club is ranked either at #1 or #2 in England (depending on the reviewer) and is exactly what I picture when I think of “Old School Golf Course”.

This course is nestled within a historic forest east of London and gives off the typical high-class British nobility vibe. I guess you must be British nobility to afford one round at this marvelous course.


Guess the range fee for Sunningdale (Old) per person.

Answer see below

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That's it for this week. Keep on training and be a real athlete in an utterly unathletic sport.

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Quiz answer

The range fee comes in at a staggering £350/pp = ~$440/pp (or £1,400.00 for a flight of four). Maybe it’s a good course to enjoy on pictures only. Very pretty pictures.

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