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  • Flying fists on range 🤜🏌️‍♂️

Flying fists on range 🤜🏌️‍♂️

Plus: Covering hazards made easy

What’s up? It's perfect weather for a round, isn’t it?

What we'll cover this week

  • Take Cover - The secret number of pros

  • Meme explosion - Rare ultimate package

  • Set up - The key to consistency

Estimated read time: 6 minutes

This Week I Learned

When traveling, place AirTags in your golf bag.

If your bag gets lost, you can tell the airline exactly where it is. This increases your chances of getting it back and puts some pressure on the airline to act quickly. Plus, seeing their reaction when you know more than they do is pretty amusing!

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

14 = 183 minutes saved

The Art of the Cover Number

“Golf is a game of misses. He who misses best wins.” - Ben Hogan

Remember our segment a few weeks ago about your cone of misses and how it helps you steer clear of danger? Today, we’re diving deeper to help you attack the green effectively without the constant fear of ending up in the bunker. It’s all about mastering the cover number for each green.

Video length: 8:18


  • What is the Cover Number? It's the distance to clear the most severe hazard guarding the green.

  • Why It Matters: Knowing your cover number is crucial for choosing the right club and approach for each shot.

  • Strategic Play: Using the cover number is like having insurance against poor shots. It’s about minimizing risk, not just aiming for perfection.

  • Pro Strategy: The common thread among all pros isn’t aiming for the perfect shot; it’s about reducing the impact of their misses. They focus on landing in the safest area of the green, not just the closest to the pin.

  • Think Beyond the Front: It’s not about reaching the front of the green but ensuring your ball flies far enough to avoid hazards.

  • Planning Over Precision: “Great golf doesn’t require great shots, but great planning.” Aim for strategic, well-thought-out plays rather than risky heroics.

Understanding and using the cover number can transform your approach, turning potentially tricky shots into scoring opportunities. Dive into today's video to learn how to apply this strategy to your game!

Too much at once

Angry swan on hole 12, smashed through golf cart windshield, an old guy jumps into an alligator ditch, white-collar fist fight…

What the hell did I just watch! 🤷‍♂️ 

P.S. The old dude tried to wrestle the gator. Classic overconfidence. [source and full video]

Deals for the feels

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Perfect setup = consistency

Consistency in golf begins with your setup. It’s either spot-on or completely off, and I rush to hit the ball and be done with it. It’s time for a change.

Rick Shiels’ Essential Setup Tips

Video length: 3:44


  • Club Head First: Start building your setup by placing the club head down first. This ensures alignment and positioning.

  • Comfortable Grip: Hold the club with a relaxed and comfortable grip; don’t squeeze too tightly.

  • Proper Stance: After setting the club down, take your stance. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart for balance and power.

  • Handle Distance: Maintain a few inches of space between the club handle and your legs. If you lower the handle, it should rest just above your front knee to help with posture.

  • Relaxed Knees: Keep your knees relaxed, but avoid bending them too much. This isn’t the time to practice squats.

  • Optimal Lean: Push your behind out slightly to lean over the ball, which improves your control and ability to swing effectively.

Rick Shiels offers clear, actionable advice on enhancing your setup and bringing more consistency to your game. Watch the video for all the details!

Quick bites for the road

🤯 Nelly, Rory & Tiger Driver Clinic - Get a peak into the minds of three absolute driver beasts! The way they talk about adjusting their drives when I’m out there hoping I don’t slice it… Different level.

🇬 🇬 New Callaway Good Good Balls - Must’ve been the deal of a lifetime for Callaway to get GG signed.

💎 Pawn Stars: High Value Golf Gems - It’s been 10 years since I last saw Pawn Stars. “Best I can do is an old sock and a chewed up gum”


How many official hole-in-ones has Tiger Woods made?

👇 Answer see below 👇

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Quiz answer

Tiger Woods has 20 hole-in-ones. 20! His first came at the age of 6. 6!

However, only 3 of these have been at PGA Tour events. Poor Tiger! [source (under Miscellaneous)]

Sincerely, your Magic Rabbit.

Leader through the rabbit hole. Hast hot irons for the weekend. May the course be with him.