Golf Bag Makover ⛳🧳

Plus: Using Simulators Like A Pro

What's up? Anyone else need to stock up on new balls after last weekend? 😅

What we'll cover this week

  • Golf Bag Mistakes - it’s a mess

  • Shrinkage! - instant regrets for poor pitching skills

  • Golf Simulator Usage - using the simulator like a pro

Estimated read time: 5 minutes

This Week I Learned

To avoid those dreaded 3-putts, I need to focus on practicing putts from 11 to 30 feet.

Did you know the average golfer's first putt is usually within this range? We're also 7 times more likely to 3-putt than a tour player from this distance [source]. To avoid those round-destroying 3-putts, let's hit the practice green and work on those 11 to 30-foot putts!

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

13 = 154 minutes saved

Golf Bag Game Like a Pro

Most golfers’ bags are a total mess.

Many players don’t think much about their golf bag, but carrying around a poorly sorted bag each round is almost criminal. It’s not just impractical; it can actually affect your scores. Watch this video to avoid some critical mistakes.

Video length: 10:24


  • Use One Type of Golf Ball: Make your game more predictable by sticking to one brand and type of ball. Avoid using random, found balls.

  • Switch to Hybrids: Long irons are tough to hit off the fairway. Hybrids are more forgiving and easier to handle.

  • Don’t Buy Expensive Just Because: While expensive doesn’t always mean better, I’ve found that fitted, high-quality shafts can outperform standard ones significantly. So, let's agree to disagree on this one. 🤷‍♂️

  • Food & Drinks Are a Must: Absolutely! If you’re playing 18 holes in the scorching heat, staying hydrated and fueled is essential.

  • Organize Your Clubs: Woods up top, short clubs at the bottom. Is anyone doing this differently? You’re a monster if you are!

  • Bonus Tip: Only carry the essentials. I used to lug around too many (found) balls, and they add up in weight over time. Keep it light!

Go fishing

Do you think he got his club back or did he decide it was too cold to get naked in front of his buddies?

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Mastering the Golf Simulator

Do you truly understand the stats on a simulator or launch monitor? I sure didn’t.

Martin Borgmeier Returns: In this video, Martin explains what every stat means and how to use these insights to improve your game. I thought I knew a few metrics, but I never fully grasped the smash factor or how face angle deviations affect ball direction.

This one’s for all the stat nerds out there. It’ll make everything so much clearer!

Video length: 10:49 (watch it on 1.5 - 2x speed)


TLDW: This time, there's no "too long, didn't watch" because the text would be a full transcript. Every second is packed with valuable knowledge, so watch it all or skip it if stats aren't your thing.

Stats Covered:

After watching, I couldn’t wait to book a TopTracer session for my next outing. Are you a stats nerd too? Reply to this email and let's form a club! 😉

Quick bites for the road

🌊 Nelly Korda, One of Us - It could’ve been a live feed from my last round, but Nelly Korda kept her composure way better than I did after hitting four balls into the water. She’s just awesome!

🏌️‍♂️ Tee Box Tip - Did you know? If you completely whiff your shot and the ball stays within the tee box, you can retee it without penalty. Handy rule to remember!

👨‍🏫 Fixing Paige with Bryson: Enjoy a highly entertaining golf lesson as Bryson DeChambeau coaches Paige Spiranac. It’s a must-watch!

Putting hole-in-one

With my luck, it would’ve lipped out. Like that 1 foot putt yesterday.


How did players tee off before the invention of the modern (wooden) tee?

👇 Answer see below 👇

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Quiz answer

Before the invention of our beloved tees, players would create small mounds of sand to elevate their balls. It makes you wonder—who first thought of lifting the ball for increased distance from the tee box?

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