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  • Distance OWNS accuracy off the tee 🏌🏽💥

Distance OWNS accuracy off the tee 🏌🏽💥

Also: Canada Goose should be banned from golf courses. Nasty!

What we'll cover this week

  • Accuracy is overrated. You need to hit bombs!

  • Who brought Canada Goose to the golf course?

  • Find your source of power in 2 seconds.

Estimated read time: 6 minutes

What I’ve learned this week

Tension is the killer of any good swing.

I wondered why my irons had gone ice cold in the last three weeks. The mechanics had remained the same, but my grip pressure had increased from a 3/10 to an 8/10 at the point of contact, leading to a lot of thinned shots.

Distance owns Accuracy

Hitting your driver outlandishly long isn’t just about bragging rights. The math shows that a longer distance off the tee improves your score much more than better accuracy.

This week's highlight content explains in detail why Bryson DeChambeau’s approach to “just hit bombs” is so effective and what longer distance could mean for your game.

Content in a nutshell:

  • The effect of losing accuracy is outweighed by a shorter distance to the hole and having a more manageable approach shot.

  • Shorter distances = higher probability of making your next shot.

  • The math behind this fact was proven by an economics professor from Columbia, aka the “Smartest man in Golf” - Mark Broadie.

  • The cool thing is: distance > accuracy applies to pros and amateurs alike.

  • Arccos found that players with 10 yards more off the tee average at least 1 stroke less per hole.

  • Your bombs off the tee must still be “somewhat” accurate and not be disastrous slices/hooks into hazards. If you can manage that, go for distance over accuracy.

Video length: 9:22

Btw, there are several ways to achieve greater length off the tee. One way (as shown by Bryson) is to bulk up. It’s not the only way, though. It's best to talk to your local pro.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that hitting your shots longer isn’t just about ego. It is simple math that longer shots lead to lower scores.

His jacket needs a refill.

Canada Goose just called. There’s some extra down waiting for you.

Click the link to see what happens next. I haven’t laughed like that in A WHILE!

Deals for the feels

It’s Master Week, so every shop has massive discounts available. There won’t be as many discounts as this week for a few months.

  • Master Deals at tgw.com - shoes, fashion, clubs, accessories, bags at 20 - 60% off.

  • Master Deals at Rock Bottom Golf - a whole lot of Cobra & Puma stuff around 20% off. Use “Augusta” during checkout for 15% on undiscounted products.

  • Taylormade, Ping, Titleist drivers, woods, irons, and wedges at Worldwide Golf 20 - 40% off

  • You can finally start putting aboard your Superyacht! For a low $19,500, you can get a stabilized putting green that doesn’t sway with the waves. Just what I needed.

* Please note: none of these are affiliate links. These are genuinely great finds that we recommend without compensation.

What to train this week

Sticking to the narrative that distance owns accuracy, you might wonder, but how do I add more distance apart from bulking up? Well, we've got you covered.

  1. Don’t skip leg day.

  2. Find your power source.

Watch this short 20-second video to identify your personal source of power in your downswing. Then, implement it on the range. Focus on your power source for two buckets without changing anything else, and you’ll automatically see yardage gains.

Quick bites for the road

👽 Is Viktor Hovland a nut-job or just a different kind of curious? Who couldn’t love this guy?

💎Are expensive shafts worth it? After watching this blind-test I’d say… maybe? Nothing beats getting fitted if you want your personal answer.

🪤 Augusta’s genius 12th hole design. IT’S A TRAP!

Open Clubhouse

This is a look behind some of the most remarkable golf clubs in the world, aside from the usual suspects, such as Augusta.

Last week, we went to Tokyo, Japan, which has amazing scenery. This week, we’re going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which also has amazing scenery, but it’s different.

The Campo Olimpico de Golfe was designed & built for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, marking the return of Golf to the Olympic Games after 112 years. It’s also one of the few structures built for the Olympic Games that’s still being used.

(The website is slow, so you’ll need some patience)


How long was the longest golf shot ever recorded?

Answer see below

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That's it for this week. Keep on training and be a real athlete in an utterly unathletic sport.

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Quiz answer

The longest (official) golf shot was 787 yards, and Carl Cooper achieved it in 1992 at the Texas Open (link).

His ball landed on a concrete cart path and rolled/bounced downhill on this very path for another few hundred yards.

Cooper would’ve preferred to hit a shorter drive since the extra roll-out cost him that hole with a double bogey. It's too bad my uncle never has anyone with him to witness when he launches another 900-yarder from tee 1 to hole 3. He’d definitely own that record.

Sincerely, your Magic Rabbit.

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