Avoiding ❸-Putts ⛳

Plus: Literal Cobra Golf + Mean Girls

What's up? Remember to stay hydrated on your round.

What we'll cover this week

  • Avoiding 3-Putts - sounds easy

  • Mean Girlfriend - his spirit left his body

  • Make Every Shot Putt - great drill to improve putting

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This Week I Learned

The story of the Vietnam POW who visualized playing golf during captivity and then significantly improved his game upon release appears to be an urban myth.

While the tale is meant to highlight the power of visualization as a tool for improvement (which it certainly is), it turns out the supposed Major James Nesmeth/Nesmith never actually existed. [source]

Useless golf videos we’ve watched this week, so you don’t have to:

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Avoiding 3-Putts Like a Pro

3-putts are a sure way to kill your round.

To help you avoid those pesky 3-putts, GolfDigest presents a handy decision framework using 3 circular areas around the hole to guide your instincts on the course.

Video length: 10:03 (video starts at 1:09 to get to the point more quickly)


  • Putt Around the Green: If you have a straight shot (no hazards), it’s almost always better to putt than to chip, even if you’re just off the green. Think of this as the first circle, a little off the green.

  • Aim Higher: When your putt is uphill and angled, aim a bit higher than you think you need to. You’re more likely to end up closer to the hole if you miss. This applies to the second circle, at the outer range of the green.

  • Expand Your One-Putt Range: The further out you can reliably sink your putts with one stroke, the better. Make it a habit to work on expanding your one-putt range. This is key for the third circle, closest to the hole.

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Mean Girls - Golf Edition

I thought my wife was mean (and too honest) about my game. Turns out this girlfriend plays in a whole new league.

I’m kidding… I’M KIDDING! My wife would totally out-mean her any day ;)

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Sinking Every Short Putt

Sticking with our putting theme this week, let's add some effective drills to our practice routine.

Justin Thomas's former caddie shares the clock drill, which I also use to structure my putting training.

Video length: 2:38


  • Clock Face Around the Hole: Imagine a clock face around the hole and move your ball(s) around the clock accordingly.

  • Start at 2 Feet Out: Practice those must-make shots by going "around the clock" once. It’s OK to keep one rotation to 6 shots. Don’t forget to aim each shot.

  • Extend Your Distance: Once you're comfortable and have a high make percentage, move out 1-2 feet and go around the clock again.

The goal is to see multiple angles from the same distance instead of being static and hitting the same shot over and over again. That won't happen on the course, so don't practice this way.

I don’t do the clock drill every practice session, but I include it every second practice to keep things from becoming monotonous.

Quick Bites for the Road

🌲 Inside Pinehurst Private Member Area - This Members Area is pretty epic. Get a glimpse of what most of us will never experience in real life.

Why Bryson DeChambeau’s Popularity is Rising - and why this might be a good thing for other pros. It’s amazing how the PGA controls the image of its players—both good and bad.

🥨 You Need a License to Golf in Germany - Why am I not surprised? It's the only country in the world with this requirement. Germany, you’ve done it again!

Golf at Cobra HQ

Is that where the company gets its name? I’d be noping my way out of there REAL quick!


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Taylor Montgomery is the current leader in SG Putting, but Scottie Scheffler is leading in Putting Average, with Wyndham Clark close behind. [source]

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